This technique is widely used in enterprise infrastructures, such as application server systems. Check this document what is required and how to setup DbVisualizer to connect with HiveServer2. User in South Africa Read more. Our latest DbVisualizer Make sure to read the installation instructions provided with the driver.

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Many of our customers successfully use DbVisualizer with the following non supported databases: The product is outstanding and rich, and does neither too much nor too Object Management Visual tools to manage database objects. Tree based navigation through database objects.

I was introduced to DbVis about 3 years ago while working for a leading payments company in South Africa. The right part displays the driver configuration for the selected otacle in terms of the following:.

This can be useful if you need to store other files besides driver files in the designated folders. When you have selected the driver to configure, you need to load the driver files.

We’re not going to explain the differences here, just give you the hint that the “type 4,” aka “thin,” drivers are the easiest to maintain, since they are pure Java drivers and do not depend on any external DLL’s or dynamic libraries. Information how to connect to an ODBC datasource. A t tachments 4 Page History. Now, I cannot live without We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Initially, the driver list contains a collection of default drivers.


To establish a connection to a database, DbVisualizer loads the driver dbvisuapizer then gets connected to the database through the driver. Dbvisulaizer are not fully configured, as the paths to odacle for the classes need to be identified.

I am a eCommerce architect and need to work with all kinds of database and this is a really good In DbVisualizer these non supported databases are handled as generic databases. For instance, to use an older Oracle driver, you may copy the default Oracle entry and name the new driver entry Oracle Old, and replace the bundled files with the old files for that entry. A path in red color indicates that the path is invalid.

If the driver classes are not packaged, it is dbviwualizer to select and load the root folder for the JDBC Driver.

This may happen if the path has been removed or moved after it was loaded into the driver manager. Today we launch our new and improved website that responds properly to dbvisualizerr devices in addition to desktop browsers. HP Neoview is not officially supported but there are some extended features available. Check the following online web page with the most current information about the tested databases and drivers:.


The Driver Finder is always dbvisualizdr when upgrading from an older DbVisualizer version. If enabled, the finder will run automatically every time you start DbVisualizer.

Supported DB’s, JDBC Drivers and OS’s – DbVisualizer

If you want to use other driver files for a bundled driver, it is best to create a new driver entry. It is the ultimate solution since the same tool can be used on all major operating systems accessing a wide range of databases. This technique is widely used in enterprise infrastructures, such as application server systems.

I have used DbVisualizer for the past year.

Download the driver to an appropriate directory. User in South Africa Read more.

When a connection is established in the Connection tab, DbVisualizer searches the selected drivers files tree. Powered by Atlassian Confluence 6. Check this document what is required and how to setup DbVisualizer to connect with HiveServer2. Multiple dbvisulaizer can be displayed side-by-side.