Removal And Replacement Procedures The driver also produces increasingly choppy sound when playing long sound files, but it’s OK for short files. Everything now works, although to get to this state, it’s necessary to engage in some gymnastics with drivers. The Compaq Presario model laptop computer that you purchased was specifically designed to run the Microsoft Windows 98 Operating System. Just installed the 5.

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Unfortunately, the version included with the 2. Your old drivers can even be backed up and restored in case any problems occur. Driver updates come in a variety of file predario with different file extensions.

Compaq Presario 1247 Compatible Laptop/Notebook Battery Series

These compiled smoothly and work well, except for one detail: Your perception of a manufacturing defect with the BIOS is misinformed. The documentation indicates that work is ongoing to improve the features of the driver, so future versions will support full bit sound. Recovering System Information Now, you should be able to copy descadga the ltmodem.

The series is very capable about running Windows and you know it. Compaq regrets to learn of your misunderstanding regarding the functionality of the BIOS in your Presario model computer. Performing A Recovery Installing the USB drivers first seems to fix that problem, or perhaps it was just a fluke the first time I tried it. Starting The Setup Utility My solution is ugly but effective. Uninstall the Clmpaq re-install the Compaq drivers. It will then scan your computer and identify any problem drivers.


If you try using my XF86Config file in another distribution, note that you may need to edit it for the assumptions of your distrubition, such as font path entries. From the description, it’s not yet fully functional. Sequential Part Number Listing Download the Driver Update Utility for Compaq.

Compaq Presario Compatible Laptop/Notebook Battery Overview – CNET

This web page documents my experiences installing and using Linux on a Compaq Presario XL notebook computer. In practice, any attempt to load the drivers in kernels up to 2.

In sum, I think that this computer is a good descargw for use in Linux if you’re willing to jump through a few hoops to get everything working correctly.

A Compaq user in Virginia filed a complaint with the Texas Attorney General regarding his Compaq system and received this reply from Compaq: Which holiday deals day is your favorite? You can switch back to the original Compaq-supplied driver to re-gain the voice presqrio.


Compaq has released a V. Modem upgrades to V.

Compaq w/ LT Modem

This is, by far, the best sound support available for this notebook. Later kernels fix this problem, fortunately; both 2. Recovering From The Recovery Discs The Compaq 56K-DF is not voice capable anyway. I found you site becuase Compaq is telling people that although presarlo will not apparently never help them upgrade or at least until next yearthey could try copying the Ltmodem.

Chances are Linux issues would be similar for any of these models. I’m not sure, but the first message indicates no problem running the 5.

Creating Recovery Discs