No MB module will work in a board with the bx chipset, regardless what a vendor might tell you on the website. Tue Mar 20, 7: Another problem with BX is: Thu Mar 22, Can I mix registered memory with “normal” unbuffered memory?

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I recall working on a few Intel brand BX boards that wouldn’t work with any MHz P3 unless they were a certain revision.

High density memory is sold as http: Registered modules have additional registers, which delay all addressess transferred to the module by one cycle.

Can a 133Mhz FSB PIII be used on an i440BX motherboard?

Though boards based upon VIA’s goods were more cost-effective than their Intel counterparts, performance rather lack of was a big issue and shunned away i440bc a number of people, who in fact, were looking for a i40bx Intel alternative. It will not cover problems specific to one board, but in general all boards based on the bx chipset support the same modules.

These modules use ram chips organized as 32Mx4 see question ” What module sizes are supported on my bx-based board? The modules with 16 ram chips organized as 32Mx4 will NOT work, nor will the modules with 8 chips.


MSI MS – motherboard – ATX – Slot 1 – iBX Overview – CNET

Fri Mar 23, Is there a better method to test the ram? Originally posted by Master Burrfoot: Most people who are doing “a small upgrade for a customer” who’s customer is interested in saving pennies on an old p3 aren’t interested in trying to overclock i40bx video card or memory, hence all the talk of trying to run a MHz fsb part on his motherboard, while valid and something I might try, really doesn’t help him at all.

I do not recommend any specific brand. Not nearly as worthwhile as the additional RAM alone. Is my ram or board defective?

Venetia et Histria Registered: A 4i40bx of the pre-Coppermine 0. All other MB modules which have 8 or more chips should work since they are based on either Mbit or 64 Mbit technology.

Asus P3B-F iBX Motherboard Review –

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The 16Mx8 also means one chips has a capacity of mbit. It is most likely slot 1 but i40bx be new enough to be s Since the ram interface calls for 64 bit data width, 8 chips are needed to form one ram bank.

Wed Mar 21, 8: I4440bx 10, Posts: The BIOS test is very basic and really not good as a test program. As for memory, I can almost guarentee you that your system does not support high density memory.


Intel 440BX

If it is s, you can get a 1Ghz, FSB celeron for 12 bucks I picked a random place off the net that I buy old junque from and a P3 for slightly more. It turns out that the BX chipset was and is one i440bbx the more stable and higher-performing chipsets out there.

Los Angeles, CA Registered: Also, make sure it’s not a Tualatin or you’ll need an adapter. My MB module has 8 chips on each side of the module, so it is obviously double-sided? The AGP speed thing was already covered.

May 28, Posts: Your biggest bang for the buck will be to upgrade memory. However, there are some caveats. If you’d want to upgrade, you’d have to replace motherboard also.