This is my second WD portable drive. I ended up having to return the unit because it was ejecting itself for no reason and I couldn’t even get any data into it. The customer service support from Western Digital is poor. Not that I had any problem, I just wanted it to go faster. The first one failed on me. Formatting will erase the data currently on the drive, so make a backup

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This is my second WD portable wd2500mxs-00. And I bought another HD of the same design from them I turned away with a frown of stubbornness and returned to my search. This drive is great for backups, as you can hook it up fast without a power supply and store it anywhere.

My 3 year old portable hard drive from Transcend came with an alternate direct power and a power cord included!!

I give westerm otherwise perfect product three stars WDSync “synchronizes” your data to the drive and encrypts it. Almost a video ipod size. I brought my Passport for backing up my computer and using for “portable office files” that I need to do business.

If you want a reliable harddrive, buy a Lacie or Seagate Why three stars, because I’ve had one WD drive fail on me.


Western Digital Wd2500xms-00 250gb USB External Hard Drive – Very Good

On regards to installation instructions there where to graphics. The harddrive is very bipolar. I backed up 30GBs of data in a couple of hours. To use this software properly, we advise that you do not wipe orerase the data from the internal hard drive computer and resynchronize, as this will cause the data that WD Sync stored to the Passport to be deleted. The problem came after I decided to reinstall XP on my C: At one point, the matte and shiny sides of mine parted slightly at one edge; I tried to pop it back together but it wouldn’t go.

I was stuck, so all I could do was trying WD online support.

It has fallen a couple times to the floor without losing my data, which is more than I could ask for. Some owners have commented on needing a power wd2500xms-0 or extra usb cable for it, but I’ve never had that issue.

Slow in my opinion Uses 2.

Western Digital WDXMSTN Passport GB USB Portable Hard Drive – Comment and Review

So I’m confused on this. I cant afford that. The device works fine if you are just leaving it sitting on a desk. Watch the prices for a few days and you’ll be able to get a big drive gb for a good price.


I just love this drive. It was everything as advertised and the sleek and compact look made it a very handy devise to carry around. Total access, working like a dream. So far, so good.

She handed it back to me with a look of “do you really know anything about this kind of stuff baby? Some people consider the short cable that’s included to be too short, but it’s mobile!

ADobe Reader and some google bloatwares. The 3rd and 5th look like they are squared off, and may be a newer generation than what I have. The first one failed on me. I highly recommend this drive. Wd2500cms-00 and ideal size. You choose the folders, it keeps them up to date, and you can save your “profile” so that each batch of data ie, if you use different computers is kept separate.